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Effective methodology for gathering detailed information

from consumers about your products.

Westside Viewing


  • Manage and execute research projects domestically and internationally, either in-house, at the client site, or at a partner network facility.

  • Develop and program screeners and questionnaires.

  • Recruit articulate and creative respondents

  • Gather valuable data about your products & services.   

Westside Conference

THE VVR FACILITY (Cincinnati, Ohio):

Impulse Directory’s Top 10 Marketing Research Facilities for 10 years!

    • Three focus group suites, each equipped with the following:

    • Phone/computer facility for recruiting and interviewing

    • Interactive Virtual Shopping Wall

    • Mobile eye tracking capability

    • Trained interviewers and moderators

    • Fully equipped kitchen

    • In-house studies conducted include: focus groups, in-depth interviews, sensory/product testing, mock trials, ideation & innovative concept generation workshops, etc.

    Your company’s confidentiality and security is always a top priority!