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Steve Whayne

VP, Commercial Operations
Steve Whayne

As a market research professional with over 25 years of experience in the consumer goods industry, I have had the pleasure of working on both domestic and international products and projects. If there’s a market research tool or technique out there, I’ve used it! My specialties include questionnaire writing, qualitative moderation, quantitative analysis, volume forecasting, learning plan development, concept development and writing, copy test analysis. Currently, I serve as the Vice President of Commercial Operations at Various Views Research.

At VVR, we pride ourselves on going Above and Beyond. Whether it involves a client in need or a fellow employee who needs a hand, we strive to consistently take the extra step to ensure success. Prior to every in-home interview, I make sure that I personally drive eachroute before the client’s research date. By doing so, I ensure that the driving directions are clear and correct for that client to make their study goes as smoothly as possible.

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