About Us

LOCATED in Cincinnati, Ohio, Various Views Research is committed to the successful execution of all market research projects. We specialize in the traditional qualitative research methodologies of focus groups, in-depth interviews and product tests, and we also have extensive experience in more direct client-to-consumer approaches such as in-home interviews, in-store interviews and learning connects (also known as consumer direct groups). We have recruited and managed projects on a variety of interesting products and services including, but not limited to our areas of expertise, packaged goods, consumer and B2B services and the health care industry. 

Our Advantages:

  • Seasoned project management, recruiting and database teams sharing a unified vision of high quality in every aspect of the research process whether it be done locally, in multiple cities or abroad.
  • Latest technology tools and services
  • An award winning facility with three fully equipped Focus Group Suites, high-speed internet access, video conferencing, private client areas and fully equipped kitchen.
  • Twenty-eight station recruiting Telephone Center capable of calling anywhere in the US or Canada for face to face or online participation.

Organizations & Affiliations