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The VVR Facility (Cincinnati, OH)

Our facility features two state-of-the-art Focus Group Suites, a fully-equipped kitchen, respondent waiting rooms separate from the main reception area, secured room for product placements, and private client lounge & facilities. The conference rooms can be configured in a variety of styles including living room, classroom, auditorium, and conference. Our third suite is equipped with a “Virtual Wall” that enables us to provide a virtual shopping experience for consumers. It can be set up to display a vast array of consumer/packaged goods catered to a client’s specific need. All suites include:

  • Large one-way mirror for easy viewing
  • Ceiling mounted, stationary camera
  • Two professional-grade DVD recording decks
  • Wi-Fi Access
  • Electrical outlets at every seating station
  • Snack and beverage bar
  • Comfortable tiered, theater-style seating

Dimensions: 24 1/2’ x 20 1/2’

Client Viewing Seats: 20

Uses: Traditional focus groups, triads/dyads/IDIs, mock juries, ideation/creative, conference room, etc.

Dimensions: 22’ x 19’

Client Viewing Seats: 15

Uses: Product placements, triads/dyads/IDIs, training, presentations, etc.

Dimensions: 27’ x 17’

Client Viewing Seats: 10

Uses: Traditional focus groups, Virtual shopping experiences, Eye tracking software, triads/dyads/IDIs, training, presentations, conference room, etc.

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