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Qualitative Market Research Capabilities from Various Views Research include:

  • In-House Recruiting & Interviewing
    • Phone/computer facility for recruiting & interviewing
    • Trained interviewers and moderators
    • Database of articulate, qualified respondents
    • Screener and questionnaire programming
  • Focus Group Facility
    • Variety of room configurations, including classroom,
      living room, auditorium, and conference room
    • Fully equipped kitchen
    • Video-streaming and recording
  • Client Viewing Suites & Amenities
    • Snack and beverage bar
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Private client lounge and restroom facilities
    • Spacious client viewing with comfortable theater-style
      tiered seating and large one-way mirrors
  • Ethnographic Research
    • Shop-along research
    • Observational research
    • In-home or other natural environment
    • In-person or video
  • Over 30 Years of Project Management Experience
    • Study design and consultative services
    • Management and execution of projects domestically and internationally
    • Experience conducting focus groups, in-depth interviews, sensory/product testing,
      mock trials, ideation and innovative concept generation workshops, etc.
VVR pic

Various Views Research has partnered with Full Scale Virtual Research to provide our clients with a unique, innovative, cost effective, & fully customizable market research solution for Winning at the Shelf – First Moment of Truth (FMOT). The Virtual Wall creates a full scale, touch-interactive & high quality shopping/insights environment.

  • Capabilities
    • Shopping research, all in one session:
      • Evaluate 6-8 package designs in context
      • Shop multiple planograms & categories
      • Add promotional aisle displays
      • Add point-of-sale material & price points
      • Use touch tracking, screen capture, & basket analysis for comprehensive reporting
    • Prototyping: add or remove features quickly
    • Shelf Changes: drag-n-drop shelves in minutes
    • Package/Brand Design: compare designs, logos & brands; edit elements in real time, on-site
    • Emotive Connection: integrated collaging with pictures, words, & concepts
    • Mobile Eye Tracking: seamless shelf to package with metrics on STOP/HOLD/CLOSE
    • Access to Products: quickly compare test to any product in up to a 36 foot category
  • The Technology
    • 6’ x 12’ programmable touch screen
    • Imaging resolution that is 8 times HD quality
    • Interactive, with Smart Pad control
    • Quantitative analysis, time & sequence of all shopping activities
    • Ability to read back panels, change purchase selections, & review basket size
qual view

Quantitative Market Research Capabilities from Various Views Research include:

  • Customizable & Engaging Surveys
    • Traditional as well as playification survey platforms
    • Programming to your specs
    • Consumer & employee feedback
    • Shopper/member engagement
    • Pricing research
    • Study design & execution
    • Custom dynamic questions/survey types
    • Real-time, in-the-moment access to consumer insights
    • Mobile device, online, or in person
  • Local, Regional, & Global Samples
    • Proven success in recruiting qualified executives & professionals
    • Proprietary regional respondent database of 50,000+
    • 100+ consumer panels from over 80 countries
    • Recruit from general population to low incidence panels
    • Respondents are correctly matched to your study’s specs
  • Product & Concept Testing
    • Product & package testing
    • Home use tests (HUTS)
    • Sensory panels
    • Concept testing
    • Extended use tests

Additional Capabilities

Mock Trials | Mystery Shopper

Intercept Interviews | Shopper Experience Interviews

Concept Generation Workshops | Eye Tracking

Facility Rental (In-House, Client Site or Partner Network)

Our Database of 50k+ enables us to recruit

Executives | Professionals

Technical | Medical

Children (0-12)  | Teens

Local | Regional

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